As far as is possible, this guide should bring people through the general thinking behind non-intrusive, loving housekeeping.

Given the amount of fuss that can come from going to the housekeeping section and being confronted with different bottles of cleaners and instruments-on-sticks, a person who is living on their own for the first time can be bewildered, and scared of the whole task. I hope this guide can cut through some of the marketing hype that's usually available on the housekeeping shelves in the supermarket, and get people on their feet with first-time cleaning.

All you need in this guide are the basics:

  • detergent (dish-washing liquid & laundry powder),
  • antiseptic spray or liquid (for the bathroom),
  • foam sponges, dishtowels, one large carwashing-style sponge,
  • suction cup/sticky-tape hooks and clothespins (to hang sponges up),
  • some clotheshangers (1 hanger for each piece of laundry),
  • one toilet brush (for the toilet),
  • and one basin.

Yep, no mops. Everything here can be stored on a single cabinet shelf, or in a single box under the bed. You could get a mop if you'd like! But if you're able, sweeping the floor with a wet cloth by foot isn't too bad either. Same goes for a broom and a dustpan. And in place of the basin, you can also use a sink you can plug the drainhole with, or you can get a pail or bucket to use! (Additionally, I'm going to assume you have stationery: rubberbands, scissors.)

Everything else is up to your taste and sense of adventure!

(If you need a quick memnomic to help you run through the cleaning department quickly, you can use DASH PHBB: detergent, antiseptic, sponges, hooks, pins, hangers, basin, brush.)


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