How do I do basic housecleaning?... Welcome!!

Hi there, I've been meaning to make a website that makes basic housekeeping an orderly, mindful business. For those who have a new place to clean, or have decided to take up the mantle of caring for a home, I hope this website helps you!

I'm a person who loves a homely place to stay, appreciates doing housework, but can't see the point of doing it in ways that mean spending 6+ hours a day making everything spick-and-span. Hopefully the small bits of cleaning and mindfulness here will put that to rights!

The love that goes into your home always comes back to you, don't worry. It's a bit like keeping some of your own time and way of thinking in a place! Making a really lovely home takes some discipline, but not so much that it becomes burdensome--you'll get an unhappy, unfulfilling prison in that case. Head over to the philosophy page for an overview of what you'll need and a bit about the mindset behind it all.

Housekeeping is a nice, constant reminder of how a person can live. With small details, it's not hard to do. If you do a bit of washing of the shower while you're showering, it's fun! You can even set aside special cloths and sponges for it, and thank your nice home for being there to take care of you after a long day outside.

- manta

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